Today, the cruisers stopped right in front of Brickfields Asia College.

Curious, and while I was on the fourth floor taking a break from law lecture, I spotted their vehicle on the ground floor - and took a shot.
And if you still don't believe it's, here's the close-up on the vehicle. That's the closest I can get to them from all the way up on the fourth floor.

A few of us - Gallonia, Andreanna, Joanne, Kimberly and I - went down to the ground floor just to see what it was all about. And then, Ms Barclay passed by. I told her I'd be late for ten minutes (she was shocked : "Ten whole minutes ???") because there was some "unfinished business". And so we waited.
They were tarrying.
It was almost 4:30 and they still weren't there to tag us once again.
I felt, if they don't get us this time, tant pis ! we have to get back to Ms Barclay's Contract class ! And at around 4:30 we went up again. We were fed up of waiting, standing all alone at the entrance of the college. Well. Maybe they were searching for a few girls in plainclothes outside Brickfields Asia College. But hey, just a suggestion to - if you guys wanna get people, get them at the right time i.e. during break, not after.


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