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I am Annette Singh. Committed Roman Catholic Christian, Legal Practice Course student at the University of Hertfordshire and solicitor in the making, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, avid blogger, videojournalist and photographer, casual gamer. Also one of the founding members of pop-rock group Kingdom of Herts. I have strong passions for the Faith, my friends, drums -- especially those with deep tones, sacred music, swordplay, tradition, language and literature.

Online, I go by my stage name, Troisnyx, or by my longer username, TroisNyxEtienne.

This blog compiles memories and thoughts of things I have been through, visuals or even drafts of things yet to come.

Come and dive right in.

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Updates and Game Jam stuff

2012/12/01 0 comments
After months of not uploading on YouTube, I finally talk about the Game Jam and what it is all about.

I also share the tracks for Dropping Loads in a Cave and The Hut in Ayre Forest.

If you are watching this video on YouTube, the download links are in the description. But for now, I'd love for you to give these previews a listen. Hope you enjoy it!

P.S. And given the description and the name of the team for Dropping Loads in a Cave, no, I do not believe the Internet is for that sort of smut. We were supposed to rename it Team Venture, but goodness knows what happened and our bid to rename the team fell through instead.

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