Of late, I've noticed...

*that every single person using the Marluxia talk icon is 21 years old.
*that everytime someone says "sole breadwinner", I end up saying "pemenang roti".
*that whenever I'm in Criminal law lecture, there is one subject bound to be raised : intoxication.
*that whenever I'm in Contract lecture, someone's bound to be victimised.
*that whenever I'm in Common Law Reasoning, I can't help but wait for the lecturer to accidentally press an alarm for it to be recess.

La vie est ├ętrange. Vraiment ├ętrange.

On a side note, I've just realised that in 30 days' time, it'll be Christmas. And in two days' time, it'll be Advent. I'm actually itching to play Christmas carols on my PC but I'm restraining myself from doing so ! The playlist is ready, and my mind is thinking of jingle bells and joy to the world and imaginary snow and merrymaking.


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