Hey, maybe we aren't that bad after all...

Picking up our pieces and moving on from the day of the choir nationals. After the humiliating defeat, we never thought we would be able to face-off with our two rival schools in KL - Kepong Baru and Victoria Institution.

One week after everything was over...

Pn See Tho came running with an envelope in her hand. It was from the Ministry of Education ! And there, she announced the news--

"Hey, maybe we aren't that bad after all. In fact, we are now better than Kepong Baru and we have proved our worth - we are sixth in Malaysia !"

Everyone's heart skipped a beat. So we actually did prove our worth in the finals in KL ! Wing Yie was the first to hear the news from Pn See Tho, then Naomi, then the rest of the people. The news was announced yesterday morning but I was not in school... My mom's car had a problem - it stopped halfway in the middle of the road and both mom and I had to push the car to the side of the road. We called for help but the "help" came only two hours later ! So I ended up not going to school. I only got the news today when Naomi told me about it.

Despite the fact that the news was already announced, some of us didn't know it. Like, Shima and Lyana. I ended up telling them only later today...

So what now ? We're sixth now - and I have a resolve - we are winning that competition next year.


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