So what exactly happened for so long?

To start off :

My Windows Live Messenger had a really bad bug and now it's bothering all of you with those "photo album" messages. *sniff*.

I spent the first week of holidays attending Confirmation Camp. Check out the photos ! And during Confirmation Camp, I realised my passion for drums... that aside, it was fun, and enlightening. I will tell you more. :)

I became a confirmed Catholic on 2007/06/02. Alright, for starters, many people argue that it wasn't our choice that we were brought into the Catholic Christian faith. Confirmation serves to cover that gap up : it's a sacrament for young men and women (in Malaysia, aged 16, or in some parishes, 17) who have already discerned, and want to run the race, who want to keep the faith. And 90-something people said yes. Even me ! Check out the photos :

I'm in white, head tilted, and seated next to my Confirmation sponsor Aunty Jasmine (I fondly call her Aunty Jas). Her family and mine are friends. She and mom are close friends.

This is my mom. Isn't she pretty ? :)

We were standing, apart from the rest of the congregation, and renewing our vows with loud cries of "I do !" Yes, the "I do !" cry isn't used in marriage alone ; it is used in any time we take vows in church.

After the mass was over, Father Simon, mom and I posed for the camera. I wonder what Father Simon and mom were pointing at, and what for... (Sorry the colour for this pic is a little off)

At the fellowship dinner, we posed with Bishop Murphy Pakiam. From left : Aunty Jas, me, mom, Bishop Murphy, and Uncle Bose.
The next week of my holidays were all spent on choir practice.

And after all those headaches, I sat down to homework.

Our choir preliminaries are on Thursday the 14th at SMK Cheras. All jazz lovers are welcome ! Last year's champions - we the CBN girls - are coming back to compete, this time, with a new outlook. Our current songs are "Putra Putri" and "Whopper Remix : I Will Follow You + Can't Take My Eyes Off You". Having learnt our lesson from last year's national finals, we thought we would do the same. I wrote the entire score, and I tell you, it was tiring !!!

Clothes still haven't been decided. Oh no. Not the jinx top again. That "jinx" top is that horrendous asymmetrical purple blouse. I hope we surpass the jinx for once !

Imagine : practice every single day from morning till about 4 in the evening, just a simple brunch break, and loads and loads of water, a moment in time where we had to break open the piano just because we could not find the key, and a myriad of uncanny events during the practice - like getting the score wrong. The other dark side is this : we just recruited five new members and we have three days to train them in voices and moves.

Personally, I feel confident about the team. They are really working hard, and our trainers from last year are still with us. This time, we even enlisted the help of Michele from Rock City (an upcoming music school) to train us in the dance moves. About the standings...... I shan't say too soon. We leave it up to Him to decide. Meanwhile, we do our best ! Surely there is competition from SMK Cheras themselves, Victoria Institution once again (our tightest rivals), SMK St Mary and SMK Kepong Baru. Guess it'll be the same five from last year... unless another head-turner comes our way, in KL Choir Preliminaries 2007.

Competitors, brace yourselves. CBN is going all-out this year. I say it with conviction.


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