I remember just last month, I was so gung-ho about doing my DipABRSM and so were my friends. And there were so many good luck SMS and e-mails, words of encouragement from my parents and my teachers......

I received the results on Wednesday 2007/09/26.

I sailed through my recital.
I would have benefited from a little more maturity... there they go again.

I sailed through my interview.
And so they said, it was done with much enthusiasm. Truly, I was happy and I really enjoyed myself when I was in the examination room for those 40 minutes.

I flunked my Quick Study.
And thus, it all went downhill from there.

Ill-fated was the day I went there for the examination. So much for the prayers, and the encouragement, and the hard effort my dad put in to finance me. Honestly, I wonder what he might say if I had to break it out to him... (which I eventually will.)

So the current standings are as follows :

Grade 2 Practical Distinction (131)
Grade 3 Theory Distinction (98)
Grade 4 Practical Distinction (134)
Grade 5 Practical Pass (118)
Grade 5 Theory Merit (80)
Grade 6 Practical Merit (124)
Grade 6 Theory Pass (78)
Grade 7 Practical Distinction (130)
Grade 7 Theory Merit (80)
Grade 8 Practical Distinction (130)
Grade 8 Theory Merit (80)

DipABRSM Practical Fail (41)

So much for the effort I put in, the practice I did every day. What were they looking for, I wonder...

And thus, unless I get lucky enough to find an avenue somewhere, end of the road for my musical life. This is my second successive casualty after the Terengganu finals. So much for me hoping to be up there.

Honestly, this is depressing.


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