Our class officially disbands today.

Tonight, we officially disband. These are the last pieces of school, and particularly of 5U.

Yi Lin, Vivian, do you remember this one ?

At a time where I didn't have enough energy, and Cik Rahimah was no longer in school, Ms Ooi took over, and the class split into two and formed rugby teams. This is just one of them. From left, top to bottom : Naomi, Aainaa, Anis, Sue Faye, Amélie, Vivian, Shuet May, Farah Dinah, Phoebe and Jia Wen.
And that picture eventually ended up on someone's desktop !
Doing the sports crowd charge.
Vivian and Sue Faye, the apparent "sponsors" of the game.

All of us doing a rugby ball formation. Try to spot me in the picture !

Lynnett slumped on her table.
Kuhaniyaa sleeping during Physics class.

Ms Winnie in a bubbly mood during one of our Chemistry classes. She's a really nice person, but she's firm. As in, really firm. I remember before the Chinese New Year holidays, because she still wasn't married yet and she had the urge to give us something, she handed us loads and loads of chocolate ! I miss you, teacher.

Naomi, Anne Yap, Phoebe and Elaine making hyper-stinky soap during Chemistry class. We were doing Chapter 5- the one on commercial chemicals or something like that.

The prefects of 5U on the floor. From left : Vanitha N, Shalene D, Amalina, Su Ning, Edelin, Vivian, Sue Faye, Skye and Shalini M.
Sitha and me near the stage area. This was before my tearful Toc de Mac rendition. Enough said.

These are the last pieces I have of school and of 5U - no specific timeline, and I've taken them from several sources. One notable source is Vivian's Windows Live space. Many of them would've been used for a PhotoStory project but I ditched it anyway. The pictures are enough. Each picture speaks a thousand words, a different set of words for each student. And each person is special. That's what makes our senior year special.


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