Awards Day 2008

After SPM, going for Awards Day would mean something glamourous. Everyone comes in either plainclothes or school uniform (if they go on to Form 6). So what happened on this year's Awards Day, you ask ?

Imagine, that's all that's left of the 35-strong Five U ! From left, top to bottom : troisnyx*, Vanitha H, Skye, Yi Lin, Sue Faye, Vanitha N, Shalene D, Vivian, Su Ning, Mei Yan L.
Everyone standing up to sing the school song.

Someone's just being cheeky. I just took random shots, that's all !

Waiting. Waiting patiently for the time they could get off their seats and receive their prizes.
I was receiving my SPM excellence award from Ambiga Sreeneevasan. Dad took it on mom's phone - mom being in hospital, dad had to take great care of it. And mom's phone isn't that all clear. But as long as you can see my red overcoat, it's fine I guess.
Sheela receiving her Top Student prize from Ambiga Sreeneevasan. This too, was taken on mom's phone.

Me being a bona fide Ressonnant member, I had to take a picture of their noticeboard for the last time. They used the same lettering and the same envelope I made for enquiries (take a close look !), otherwise it's as good as new.

This year's Fete de la Musique turned out to be CBN's Awards Day. Ambiga Sreeneevasan, the chairperson of the Bar Council of Malaysia, was there to grace the occasion as she herself once studied in CBN. And me, preparing to be a lawyer, I felt that this was an honour of sorts, to receive a prize from her ! But I didn't stay long, I didn't watch the performances because... I had to go visit mom in Putrajaya Hospital.
Dang, I remember on this day, last year, mom was there with me for the KL Choir Finals. I didn't know that things would end up like this.


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