A visit from the Sunset Band

Just as Aunty Deanna and Daniel C promised, the Sunset Band members came today. No matter how few they were in number, at least they came. *smiles* Thank you so much. You brought some sun into my life.

Well. It all started when we had our AGM and everyone turned up (except for Aunty Jennifer and Uncle Luques). We reshuffled positions and responsibilities : There were several people leading several departments. Aunty Sharm told me my name is somewhere. Not sure where.... Cheryl will be sending the list soon. She and Aunty Sharm came with Daniel, Derrick, Aunty Jennifer Rose Lee and a few others. Forgot their names. I know Aunty Deanna was dying to come but I guess she must be one of the unfortunate few (like me) who are ah-chooing away ! Anyway, Daniel brought along a huge slice of birthday cake : today is his birthday.

And so we all waited patiently outside the high dependency unit while everyone went two by two. I was talking to them a lot - I had lots of stories to tell and lots of catching up to do ! It has been more than two months since we all last met, and there are a lot of holes to patch up. Although I wonder whether we'll ever meet him again. Probably not.

Back to what we talked about : we were yakking away about politics, durians, the high dependency unit, mom's entire hospitalisation period, such and such. I wanted to keep on talking to them, but well... they had to leave early. Commitments. I gave everyone a bear hug before they left. Daniel was already standing by with a piece of tissue (in case I cried). I did feel like crying. I have to admit, I really felt like crying. Even so, I just had to hold on.... that again, for so many reasons. For Jesus. For Mom. For Dad. For my close friends. And for the Sunset Band. I am certain that mom will come back soon. Not sure of the precise time, but I know it's soon. I only gave them one sign to indicate that mom would be back home : if she comes back home, they'll see me the following Tuesday for practice. That too, taking the helm for whatever I am in charge of.

The truest show of commitment lies in these good souls. Now, everyone has a responsibility. Now, there is no more hypertension and bitterness. I can see this show of service for real. Right inside my heart. And I know, the sun will never set on the Sunset Band.

Meanwhile, if you were wondering what whirring airplane noise was going on in mom's ears... that was Satan. When we prayed, the noise settled down. Later, mom called Satan and told him to get lost. After that, the noise just disappeared ! Immediately after that, she was praying, calling Jesus and apologising. Freaky eh ? Daniel asked me to tell Father Philip Muthu but I didn't get to meet him. Instead, Dad told Monsignor James Gnana, from St John's Cathedral - primarily because Msgr James and mom know each other well. Wonder what his reaction was. I was freaked out by mom's writings... but what has happened has happened.

Daniel, happy birthday. God bless you. I'm really unsure as to how old you are right now : what matters is that you're blessed. And I am blessed to have a copain like you.


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