OMG, yesterday's literature class.

I don't know. I've been wriggling as though bunnies were chafing in my shorts for the past one day. Just because I didn't update my blog. I'm officially addicted to troisnyx* officiel.

Oh, by the way... yesterday's class with Ms Sunbeam was funny.

We had it in the new block, the first floor of the Koponas building (it has four new classrooms, but it's got a lousy paint smell). The literature class was in 1D. And so our cher soleil was giving us notes on The Mill on the Floss (note : Paper 3 for literature is on Thursday and it comprises The Mill on the Floss and Wordsworth).

Somewhere along the line, when she was talking about Maggie Tulliver as a rounded, fully-developed female character, she mentioned something about her - or her desires, or something - being "voluptuous."

Immediately after the word "voluptuous" was mentioned, someone's phone went, "shinggggg."

Get the joke ?

And that "shinggggggg" sound resembled that of a magical chime - or perhaps those tiny little chimes on a bar that percussionists use.

There was one minute of pin-drop silence, followed by five minutes of laughter from the whole class - and from Ms Sunbeam too. I was like, "This is so wrong......." :D

Wonder what kind of voluptuousness we'll get in class today. It's at 10. And half-day, thank God.


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