Six down !

Everyone sing along with me ---

Joy to the world
The exam is over...

Law II ended today, and that marks the end of my AS Levels. AS, I bid you adieu.

To be honest, the impossible happened again today. We went through past years' papers and the most popular chapters included Criminal Process, Police Powers, Civil Justice System, Judicial Precedent, Statutory Interpretation, Human Rights Act 1998....... and perhaps, Alternative Dispute Resolution. Many people figured that Alternative Dispute Resolution would come out. Or even Judicial Precedent.

I only knew Equity and a few other chapters. Equity was my best chapter ever. However, I hung my head in disappointment - Cambridge had never asked Equity in Paper 2. So I just kept my hopes up that Judicial Precedent, or even Alternative Dispute Resolution would come out. At 1:00 I went into the exam hall, and when they gave us the papers, we opened them. To my surprise, the Godsend case happened again - Equity came out as the first question ! That too, for the very first time since 2000. I'm not sure whether that applies to the history of the entire Cambridge A-Levels, though...

Paper 2 is such that we have two questions involving case studies, and we have to choose one. I told Adoravelle and Kimberly that I'd be abandoning Police Powers and Criminal Process (Ms Donna knew that it was too voluminous a chapter for me to swallow).

So after the exam, everyone came out with smiles on their faces. Merdeka ! Adoravelle and I went to see Ms Donna - Ms Donna owed her Contract and Tort notes - and we gave each other hugs. Right now Kimberly, Prabha, Adoravelle, Faith, Joanne and Talitha are in Mid Valley doing some shopping and having fun. I declined. That too, because I don't know what time my dad's coming back.

Adoravelle's leaving for London tomorrow. I'm heartsick. I won't be seeing her for one whole month. Well. At least I have something to anticipate when she comes back. If you're reading this, do remember I'm thinking of you, and I'm keeping you in my prayers. God bless you.


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