I forgot my show-and-tell

Prior to this post, on two occasions I mentioned that I was trying to get my Seagate 320GB hard drive to work - it was among my Christmas presents.

I finally got it to work. I'm saving all my media files and my .amr drafts and well, whatever drawings/pictures/wallpapers I can find in my PC.
And today, I have pictures ! :)

This is how it originally looked..... (note that the reading lights are white)
(DK : Qu'est-ce que c'est ? Un iPod ?
troisnyx* : Non, ce ne l'est pas du tout, c'est un disque dur, 320 GB.)

...until I got my hands all itchy and started doodling on the hard drive. Well, at least, now I can call it my own. Nothing much to shout about ; it's just silver G1 on titanium.
(and no, I didn't draw the Seagate logo, it was there all along)

After taking this shot the drawing got a little smudged, and I had to redo the left side of it. But well, at least it came out just as I had hoped. Thanks again, dad, for this hard drive. I'm gonna keep this one like gold.

On another note, someone made a rather sweeping statement that whenever I get my hand on taiko drums, I sound like I'm in a war (whilst many people would use a more dance-like beat). And then I was asked, could it have something gotta do with my emotions, or was I trained in this manner ?

To be honest, I have no recollection of who told me this, but to this person I reply :

It does have something to do with my emotions. All this anger, this confusion, this sadness, has culminated in me after I lost my siblings as a kid, and after I lost my mom. Telling myself that I can go on, it isn't enough, because how long can words last ? What you say - that I beat the drum in a war-like manner - yes, it may very well be true. In a battle, if the beat of the drum is heard, it is meant to signal advancement, parley or retreat, or it can be used to encourage the warriors to go on. Here I am, all alone, encouraging myself to go on, even when I know it's difficult.


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