I let Jolynn listen to my AMR draft of Le Paradoxe and then, we talked together. She was enthusiastic about the song, and so was I ! Jolynn's lines are in blue while my lines are in green.

facemymusic: nice song. imagine it with strings n drums. ooooh, this can be a hit!
troisnyxetienne: thanks. I intended fast guitar riffs at the part where there's no verse
facemymusic: owh that's cool. electric guitar !
troisnyxetienne: yep !
facemymusic: owh yeah
troisnyxetienne: great minds think alike
facemymusic: yeah ! oh. by the way. u know i play drums rite ?
troisnyxetienne: yep
facemymusic: wanna see some pics ? wakaka promote diri sendiri
troisnyxetienne: ehehehe sure. Na, self-promotion may go a long way if we ultimately meet in the recording studio...

Then, Jolynn and I went to the Picture Viewer and I saw her in her drum circle. I was looking for her until she told me.......

facemymusic: im the shortest one. performance held last tuesday
troisnyxetienne: ohhhh so that's you !
facemymusic: hahaha. i know im short. been wearing the same grey tudung in the pics too.
troisnyxetienne: oh, as we francophones would say, le tacot ! (the little 'un)
facemymusic: =.="
troisnyxetienne: LOL but you guys must've packed a punch
facemymusic: the malays will say: the katik one. but owh we rocked
troisnyxetienne: aw man. Thing is, because someone just scrapped my name off the performers' list I haven't even played for any college functions - and I'll never do so ever again. I'd set my mark somewhere else, I hope.
facemymusic: why ? ala... (truth is, that is my last performance)
troisnyxetienne: Play hard to get. If let's say they already know I'm bound to record, they'll go after me. and, persuade me to perform. but what happened to the time when I didn't record ?
facemymusic: owh n they'll use u for free
troisnyxetienne: they treated me like some castaway ! so, never again !
facemymusic: gosh, terrible of them
troisnyxetienne: yep. even the whole class is saying so. but nyeah well. I guess sometimes things happen.
facemymusic: at least u played in cbn
troisnyxetienne: yeah. more in primary school, though. everything was toned down in secondary and scraped off in upper secondary
facemymusic: owh i remember u. u were from cbn 1 rite?
troisnyxetienne: yep.
facemymusic: i always saw u at the dewan putih, on the piano, with the choir group. I still remember !
troisnyxetienne: that was my favourite hangout - and if I take the whole of my school life, the dewan putih is still my favourite
facemymusic: ahh... the memories
troisnyxetienne: Memories are nice, but that's all they are...
facemymusic: i always preferred the white hall over the red hall
troisnyxetienne: same here ^^
facemymusic: i wonder if u noticed something at the white hall
troisnyxetienne: what ?
facemymusic: at the white hall, one of the tiles are different from the rest ; only one tile
troisnyxetienne: yeah. I think I remember.
facemymusic: its pattern is circular. the rest were triangular
troisnyxetienne: yeah. It's somewhere at the side right ?
facemymusic: yup, near the garden
troisnyxetienne: Mm.
facemymusic: near a pillar also, the back pillar
troisnyxetienne: Hm. I think I'll call that one the cornerstone : forgotten, driven up the wall, laid at the back, but still, without it, the rest of the world will be incomplete and won't be touched (like what I hope to do)
facemymusic: hehe. when i was younger i thought that tile was a warp to a different realm. i was influenced by zelda. teehee
troisnyxetienne: haaaahhhhh ? LOL
facemymusic: i have n still have a strong imagination. i love to daydream
troisnyxetienne: I'm just lucky Kingdom Hearts didn't come out in lower primary
facemymusic: hahaha. LOL. teehee.
troisnyxetienne: but yeah. you were fond of that tile

Some time later, after talking about memories of school-time, questions of faith and whatnot, we went back to Le Paradoxe :

facemymusic: yet another contradiction in the governmental system
troisnyxetienne: Cause always = fighting for the causes of people
facemymusic: owh i see... but i don't see the poor leading a comfortable life. n i see the rich kicking the poor around
troisnyxetienne: Hm..... I seriously hope to make it big someday. Then at least people will know what exactly they're doing/have done when Le Paradoxe is sung
facemymusic: i hope so too. will pray for u, just hope our government won't call the ISA. stupid ISA. should be banned.
troisnyxetienne: I believe they won't dare call the ISA on me.
facemymusic: haha. why eh ?
troisnyxetienne: That comes with prayer, no doubt, but sometimes, when we all know we hate it when people talk horse sense into us, we need it.
facemymusic: yeah
troisnyxetienne: And when I said in the third verse, "Les chaises de pouvoir elles sont occupées, l'on fait rien pour nous aider" = The power chairs (i.e. Parliament) are all filled up, they're doing nothing to help us - the message should be clear enough
facemymusic: oeh yeah... the power chairs are thrown at each other !
troisnyxetienne: LOL. no wonder the words "chaises de pouvoir" came to my head....
facemymusic: hahaha
troisnyxetienne: If I do record a vid for this, I'll REALLY need people to throw chairs at each other.
facemymusic: i wanna act. if you need actors, call me. hahaha.
troisnyxetienne: Okay. I'm listing you in. Bring along another lot of vicious people.
facemymusic: owh i have a busful of them
troisnyxetienne: LOL. Just tell them to mind their behaviour when they're off stage.
facemymusic: hahaha. sure. they're good actors u know. especially when it comes to playing pranks on people. lol
troisnyxetienne: Okay. For Le Paradoxe... I wouldn't wanna picture the first verse because it's too heart-wrenching (where babies are left alone or killed). I'll take over that verse. Then. I'd probably show a city loaded with trash and people walking around
facemymusic: huhuhu
troisnyxetienne: how they can tahan that intolerable stench...
facemymusic: kl is a good place
troisnyxetienne: and then. Bukit Bintang - where we often see guys and girls flirting each other. And some newspaper reports being messed up
facemymusic: owh yeah... pergaulan bebas
troisnyxetienne: Yeah
facemymusic: true
troisnyxetienne: Remember, "Des nanas qui flirtent, des mecs violents" - flirting girls and violent guys
facemymusic: owh... huhuhu
troisnyxetienne: And finally, I'll show the chair-throwing scene.
facemymusic: my scene!
troisnyxetienne: In between, zoom into troisnyx*'s face and show her singing. sweet. there we go.
facemymusic: hahaha
troisnyxetienne: Let's hope it works !
facemymusic: it will. eh. hebatlah me. pakai tudung and throwing chairs...
troisnyxetienne: LOL
facemymusic: hehehe
troisnyxetienne: Who will you be playing ? Nurul Izzah ? or some other politician from the government side ? LOL
facemymusic: can. why not? but i must slim down first. see, i've always thought of making my own short films. but camera phone sucks, my friends have no video cam. huhu
troisnyxetienne: Neither have I, neither have my friends. so yeah. I don't know where to find one. and if I do get one in HD I'll have to upload it in Vimeo, YouTube is ugly for HD

So there we went. This is the current idea for Le Paradoxe. And how I felt about it. I hope and pray that all these ideas materialise...


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