Appreciation of the Arts, part 2

Here's the Photo Story of the full show, including pix of these performances (in order) :

- Introduction

- Seloka Pak Pandir

- Anak Jiran Tionghua

- this was the one where we sang as a chorus, and my timing was out.

- Jalur Gemilang (Chorus)

- this was the one where I sang to my heart's content, and the floor joined me in song too.

- Bahtera Merdeka

- Nazam Kasih Ibu & Ayah

- Dekon "Keranamu Malaysia"

- the climax of Patriots' Night, this one featured poetry recitation, a patriotic chant, a silat and tai chi performance, and a sketch.

This whole thing took me ages to assemble, and resulted in fits of anger. Sixteen minutes in total. Three songs. 81 megabytes (beat that !). One memorable Patriots' Night. Enjoy !


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