My first ever animation


Indeed, critics will dismiss this as a piece of junk animation.

But this was the first video clip I made using frame-by-frame animation.

Resources were limited back then : I didn't have a scanner and thus, I had to make do with pencil sketches and a camera phone. And you know how uneven the lighting can be if you take it on a camera phone... especially if you're not sure how to play with the settings. I was one of those who didn't know what to make of a camera phone - and all my rough sketches ended up bright in the middle and dark on the edges. We were supposed to provide voiceovers for this short vid, which ended up looking more like a film noir than anything, but we couldn't find male voices, so I only added in one voice clip : Rin's voice at the end of the vid.

It was supposed to be for a HIV awareness campaign. All I wanted to do was get the message across. Now with a scanner, I should be able to make better frames than these, though the process is equally tideous.

I know I'm not even close to making good sequences like what Pasquale does. In fact, I'm light years away. But at least I'm trying... I reserve the hope of being able to make my own skit.

Oh come on, Mylène Farmer did her own skit (see this). I can definitely do it !


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