RIP Wayne Allwine (or, RIP my childhood).

Okay, I know I've been vlogging too much over the past two days.

But seriously, there's something I'd like to share.

For many on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki, the passing of Wayne Allwine at age 62 was shocking news. He provided the voice of Mickey Mouse whilst his wife, Russi Taylor, not only stood beside him - she also provided the voice of Minnie Mouse.

A fitting relationship indeed.

Before I could say anything further, many were chipping in ideas for a special tribute to him. It wasn't enough that Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days' credits mentioned "In loving memory of Wayne Allwine" - yes, it was moving indeed, but we needed something from our side.

So, after joining all their ideas together, I finally came up with this :

The result moved me greatly. I generally love playing with fades, speed/slow and darkness - but this one was like, wow.

Disney has a new voice for Mickey Mouse - Bret Iwan - and they usually make sure that the trademark high-pitched voice of Mickey stays. But then again, veteran voices will still be veteran voices, no matter what.

Editor's note : This tribute to Wayne Allwine happens to be the most watched of its kind. Kindly drop a comment on the video page if you dig it.

RIP Wayne Allwine 1947-2009


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