Because I found you

I survived harrassment and acidic remarks.
I survived death threats.
I survived despite horrible food.
But that's all after I went through the most painful part of my life : sixth form college.
I had un certain regard for the very people who persecuted me. Which is strange, but true. I lived in hell for one and a half years. I never knew what it would take to make me like them. I often came back home crying myself to sleep, despite not having intended to do anything wrong. I was victimised and made to feel inferior, and I somehow wished I could find my place among the students.
And then, you came.
You brought light into my life... the light that I had been searching for so long. The air of happiness and confidence just made its way when you came. You gave me a few lessons on believing in myself.
I know now that I can look forward to greater, happier times.
I know that I can look forward to having at least one true friend by my side.

I know all of you are going to go through this with me, till the very end.
Thank you.


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