Blame it on the weather...

It has been cold of late. The mornings are cold, the nights are cold. If there was a time where I could live with the fan at #1, or even #3, that time is now no more. I have to keep the fan off, sleep with a sweater and a blanket pulled right up to my neck. It's as cold and depressing as Camp Miri. The grey skies somehow prepare us law students for a sojourn in Cardiff... (dreary weather, grey skies, you get the hint).

Not sure how dreary the weather actually is over there, but over here, we hear stories of heavy monsoon rains, floods, homes washed away, lives lost.

For the love of these poor souls, sing along with me :

Rain, rain, go away
Come again another day
Malaysians want to play

Believe it or not, I actually dreamt that I would write this post. I knew the words/phrases "Camp Miri", "Cardiff", "grey skies" and "dreary weather" would be part of the post.


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