Gastronomy... not.

Here's one reason why I can never stomach foie gras, apart from the fact that it's unethical food :

I remember yesterday there was chicken curry along with our usual chapati for dinner. So I downed some chicken. I remember how I tore my third piece of chicken apart, hoping to get some fleshy pieces. And I saw this particular bit of meat which was reddish-brown in colour, but was soft. I thought it was just meat connected to the bone, but when I ate it...


troisnyx* : What on earth was that ?
Rin : Meat lah !
troisnyx* : I hope I didn't just take in blood ! That part tasted so stale...
Dad : The chicken is fresh lah, nothing to worry about.
troisnyx* : Then what was it that I just ate ?
Rin : Liver.

Now you see why ?

I can never stomach liver. Just so you know, the word foie in foie gras means liver. So foie gras means fatty liver. Whether the liver comes as it is, or whether or not it has been cooked with all types of seasonings that are bound to stimulate these tastebuds of mine, liver is still liver, and I can never down it.

I've been fairly adventurous with food ; trying all the spicy dishes, surviving on meat when the veggies were badly cooked, trying things which aren't usual to our Malaysian taste. But I can never stomach liver. Never. And from this post I bet you'd understand why I was a vegetarian for a long, long time.


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