I had a dream last night.

I was in a student concert. The stage resembled the one in Camp Miri, only that there were more lights and more people. Two more items, and it'd be my turn to sing. I was anxious, because the person who was performing at that time was really good. It was a girl who went by the name of Syara (pronounced shara).

So when Syara's performance was about to end, I went into the changing room. I checked my costume. It was a far cry from the blacks that were originally meant to be part of my performance. I was wearing a white tee on black jeans, and a white cap. I had no makeup on. The teacher in charge of making us up, who looked like a cross between my primary school class teacher Puan Rahani and my secondary school Bahasa Malaysia teacher Puan Wahida, told me to get ready quickly, as it was going to be my turn.

I was going to sing Lisa Gautier's "Drôle de Creepie".

I was worried, because Drôle de Creepie is a French song. I was hoping they'd appreciate the good music, rather than the meaning that the song was trying to convey. I asked Syara how she did her performance but she didn't want to disclose anything to me.

They announced my item. They misconstrued it as something to celebrate the month of December (it'd be more like a Halloween thing rather than a Christmas thing !), but I went up on stage anyway.

I sang. The audience clapped and cheered.

When I woke up, my lips were dry and my throat was sore. I knew that very morning that I couldn't sing.

But the point isn't about what happened after that. The point is the dream in itself.

It's difficult to find people with my mindset. I listen to just about anything, if there's a good degree of tonality thrown in. And I must say that dream was a happy one. I love to sing.


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