Opening scene

It all began when I received a letter saying that I should be present at Camp Point-Neuf. I have been picked for conscription. And I fear for my life. I just hope that I'm there for a purpose. I'll be spending three months there and I wonder what it will be like...

The first song plays.*

And after the first song ends...

Ref : Why, hello there ! You must be Duchemin.
Duchemin : Um... hi.
Ref : I'm Senior Ref, and I'm one of your company trainers. Just so you know, you've been assigned to Bravo Company.
Duchemin : Uh, Bravo ?
Ref : Don't worry, you'll see. It'll be fun ! Now, go up, put your bags in and rest. And don't forget to make new friends ! Good luck !
Duchemin : Thanks.
Monica : Uh, may I help you with the bag ?
Duchemin : Sure ! Thanks ! You're... ?
Monica : I'm Monica, and this is Kulukan. Don't be shy now, we've got three months ahead of us !


1. The first song is tentatively titled In the land of the free and I have a draft ready. I have a French equivalent, Sur la terre des (hommes) libres but I'm yet to put it up ! And once it's up, I'll have to start translation works. Or, if worse comes to worst, I'll put the lyrics up with the translation, and I'll assign a few people to help me come up with entirely new lyrics, which do not lose the sense of actually "coming to a new land, with an open mind, trying to find one's place in a multitude of people with a multitude of trains of thought."

How it's going to be performed, or at least, who's performing in this thing : Duchemin and all the trainees from Lumine (I'll be naming a few later). I would prefer choirlike voices, though let's see what we can manage to get.

2. I have two ways of doing Duchemin's open dialogue : either have me standing on the stage in the beginning, single spotlight on the main character, or keep the stage dark and use a phone recording of the main character's voice. I think the second idea is more convivial, though the sounds will need to be timed right. Though the best thing to do will be to wait for more people.


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