What this thing MUST have.


Flags. Four of them - red, blue, yellow and green. We're gonna make it like the companies' flag-designing competition, where :

+ A theme is picked. In our session, it was "traditional weapons", so I'll probably go with this theme, unless anyone objects.

+ The concept is drawn. Note that each flag has to have the symbol of Le Carnet though the words Le Carnet du Service National don't need to be put there.

+ Apart from the symbol of choice, each flag has to have the company/team name and a motto. In my session it was En Avant Bravo ! - Ilmu, Iman, Amal. En avant means "ahead, advance, forward march", whilst Ilmu, Iman, Amal literally translates to "knowledge, faith, practice". See the Bravo Company flag for an example : an axe was spliced into the Malaysian National Service logo. Take your cue from there and let your imagination run wild !

+ The flags need to be propped. With flagposts. If you have to use poles, please bring them along. Please, oh please, we need them.

So why would I want to use them ? Simple. Because every competition or assembly requires the presence of the four flags, symbolising the convergence of the four companies. If we're outdoors, the flags are brought along ; if we're in the hall, they're kept in this rack-like thingy. It's the identity of every company, and just as in my National Service stint, I'm favouring Duchemin's company : Bravo.

This is what I've got for Bravo so far :

Same look and feel, same elements, different background colour and... well, the flag just looks different, but it is reminiscent of the original Bravo flag.

If you have any suggestions on how to make it better, or if you want to work on the other flags, you're most welcome !


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