Pa rum pa pum pa pum.


I don't know why, but I came out unusually overjoyed during today's drum practice.



Two simple grooves. I just did them this afternoon to see if I could keep the beat.

Prior to recording the vids, I had to actually train myself to make as few mistakes as possible. And I also had hand speed training. I just realised that my right hand can easily clock 120 BPM on wrist strokes. Can't say the same for my left hand, though, so I must keep practising. I'm not gonna give up. I don't know if these vids spell "SHE'S GOT POTENTIAL" or "SHE'S A REAL STINKER", but I'm confident that there will come a time where I won't have to worry about my competence anymore.

Yesterday I was talking with my fellow morte-vivante plastique (I talked about the term on the French version of this blog, but oh well...) and I was actually wondering what to wear today. I was contemplating wearing my National Service camo T-shirt along with the beret... to give myself a militant appeal. Then I realised that I had already been in my NS T-shirt that night, and I'd need to put it to wash the next morning, so I relented and decided to keep the militant bit for another time. When I was asked why I wanted to be like a militant, I simply replied :

"Well, it isn't everyday that you see your usual wirawati* banging out march rhythms on the drum, right ?"

Oh well. Militant appeal or no militant appeal, I'm still a wirawati in my own right.

*Wirawati is the Malay word for "heroine". It has been derived from Sanskrit, and I am well aware that many Indian languages share this word. In National Service (read my chronicles), the male trainees are referred to as wira - heroes - whilst female trainees are referred to as wirawati.


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