Qu'est-ce qui me donne la joie ?

I was pissed this morning.

I couldn't find a shirt to wear, and I had exhausted all my long-sleeved shirts over the past week. I especially didn't want to be seen wearing the same old stuff. I found a white shirt which I thought would fit me well, until...... you get the point. I hurriedly put on a strap top and covered it with the white shirt, hoping that I'd be presentable enough for Common Law Reasoning lecture today.

It was 12-something in the afternoon and I needed to do something. But I was stressed.
I remembered that I needed to record myself on the drums before going for CLR class, so I turned on the adaptor and sat by the drum kit.

The sad thing was, I couldn't record anything. My phone battery was flat. -__-

But my anger and disappointment turned to joy when out of nowhere, a new rhythm just came - and I picked up the way to hit the snare on the accented beat (think snare-bass-snare-bass instead of bass-snare-bass-snare). I was overjoyed when I did so !

And I was humbled, because I know how I'd ask the Lord for guidance every time I sat by the drum kit. Today, he showed me guidance even when I wasn't at my best, even when I didn't deserve it. I thank you, Lord.

I came to college, all smiles, and it took me some time before I could get it across to my friends...... as to why I was so happy.

On a side note, I should record today's rhythm, when I have the chance. Probably this weekend. I usually start writing songs when I have lyrics or even melodies in mind. Today, I'm doing the total opposite : I'm starting a song from the rhythm, and then I'll attempt to fill it up. Of course, it's hard, but it's not impossible ! Okay, I've gotta think of something to write. Any ideas ?


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