A quick run through Hartamas Shopping Centre, 30 minutes

It was one of the roads less visited, one of the smaller shopping centres, one of the malls less heard of, and we decided to pay a visit. Rin recommended visiting Hartamas Shopping Centre, as she is familiar with the Sri Hartamas area. Consider this : the mall's pretty small, with only three floors, a small plan (centre, left wing and right wing), escalators in the centre, no lifts. Pretty easy to walk through, right ? Now here comes the juice :

Step 1 : Search for clothes.
Shoes and accessories were out of our list. But again, as I have rambled incessantly on
Twitter and on this site, once you've seen one shop, you've seen all. Inferior material, boring design, or if the design was flattering, it'd be in a colour that can never suit us. There were boutiques on the first and second floors, but even after scouring them, we couldn't find anything. This, too, after having visited Times Square, Bukit Bintang Plaza, Lot 10, Mid Valley and the Mines Shopping Centre. That makes Mall #6 not to have proper clothing choices. Gaaaaahhhh !

Step 2 : Stop at the Christmas bazaar on the ground floor.
Whilst we went shopping for clothes, dad stayed downstairs. And when we came back, he was still downstairs. Now, I truly miss seeing stuff like this, but I was enthralled, to say the least. Christmas bazaar FTW ! :D It really lifted our spirits up.

Mmmmmmmasks. ^_^ Jasvin (the younger cousin) came to stay with us today and when she saw this, she was enthralled. I decided to take a look too. It was only 8 bucks, and it wasn't flimsy. It was impressive ! I ended up getting the white-and-blue one, whilst she got the green-and-gold one. We asked Rin whether she wanted to get herself a mask, but she declined. Still on the subject of masks, I'm hoping to have a celebration centred on a masquerade.

Ah, the sight of Santa hats, Christmas-themed toys and snacks. Every child's place to be in the month of December. I may be 18 but I haven't lost a lot of my childlike qualities. ^_^

Sweets, poinsettias, cups, Christmas trees and other paraphernalia - that's what the traditional view of commercialised Christmas should be. Just getting people into the family-friendly mood. Not an over-blown thing like "Christmas with Alvin and the Chipmunks" (as I saw in Mines Shopping Centre) or whatnot. Not that I'm fully in support of commercialised Christmas, I would love Christmas to be more spiritual, no doubt.

The decorations themselves were tempting, I decided to take a picture of them. I've noticed that this year's theme is red, silver and gold (which means we never did go wrong by decorating our tree in red, gold and silver !).

Step 3 : Get a treat before leaving the mall.
We stopped at Modesto's "Easy Pizza" restaurant (those of you who are familiar with the Modesto's eateries might be surprised to note that they have such a thing as this). And it was there that Rin saw this huge display of cupcakes.
Pretty, aren't they ? They're small, though. A box of five cupcakes costs RM15. We initially thought that this was costly, but we went on with it - one for each family member (save for Dad, who never really has a penchant for anything sweet). It was only upon eating the cupcake that we knew the price was justified : rich butter cupcake with butter icing. Mmmmm.

Me being the Kingdom Hearts/Disney fan, I settled for a cupcake with a (slightly misshapen) Hidden Mickey insignia. Pic taken just before eating !

Immediately after our quick run through Hartamas we went to Lin Ho, the boutique at Jalan Raja Chulan, but it was almost about to close, so we quickly checked the top floor to see what would tickle our fancy... and left, empty-handed, again. There was this dress that caught my eye (it came in purple, and in red) but it was RM399. Ouch. -__-

Then we gave Rin a birthday treat (her 21st birthday fell on Wednesday the 16th) at Restoran Yan Yan A1 (pictures unavailable, sorry !). For older readers, you might be familiar with a restaurant that was set up in the open air, Viking (at the 4th Mile of Old Klang Road). They moved to what is now Restoran Yan Yan because a road was built at that area. Same good food, variety of choices, clean and friendly atmosphere. Pretty hefty meal, and a pretty satisfying meal at that. I say we should go visit that place more often. (Thanks, Dad, for the outing ! ^_^)

And Rin, I know it's three days late, but... Happy 21st Birthday ! You've finally stepped into the world of full legality (whilst I'm lagging three years behind you). God bless you always !


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