Concept art

I've been working on concept art for the game of late. I couldn't take scans, as I need to keep my sketchbook intact. I'll be providing captions as I go along.

The top is a scene from the obstacle course (or possibly the flying fox activity), where Duchemin is suspended from a really high bar and is afraid of heights and needs someone to hold her hand. Someone finally holds her hand... but who ?

And at the bottom are the three leaders for the Bravo female drill team : the flag-bearer, Mira Kanang, the company commander, Dyane Lalique, and the sonneuse, Duchemin herself. The "sonneuse" is meant to keep the pace.

  Bravo's first summon, Audace. All the summons for Bravo have names that translate to "bravery" from French : "audace", "bravoure", "courage" and "vaillance". Audace, Bravoure and Vaillance, just like the words themselves, are feminine, whilst Courage is masculine. So this is Audace - she's holding a traditional Iban shield, which I'll use extensively in Le Carnet, and a sword. Those are supposed to be Alpha's weapons, but heck...

This is a scene from the ice-breaking session, where the camera is at the top and everyone waves hands and flags whilst singing the National Service anthem.

Another scene from the ice-breaking. The person leading the crowd in song is Alix Sauveterre, the Head Girl.
Duchemin's battle stance. I tried making this based on a stance I could easily pull off. This only takes place when she has two axes : when she has one, only the right axe applies.

The Gallic shrug, one of Duchemin's favourite gestures which she uses to say "Whatever", "I don't know" or "I can't do anything about it".

This sketch involves two poses : a leap into the air and Duchemin banging the drum for Patriots' Night. I designed Duchemin's costume to look like that... almost bare naked, but I have to give it a touch of sophistication... Oh, and I love the leap into the air !

The development of the first scene in the game, set to song (a song I drafted, called Sur la terre des hommes libres - meaning "In the land of the free").

The very first multiple drawing of Duchemin I did. I started with her on the drum, then went on to the two faces (short and long hair), then the singing shot, then the T-shirt and skirt, then the flag-bearing pose and the Bravo symbol, then the sports outfit, then the traditional costume and another random shirt. And finally, I did the one with Duchemin holding the drumsticks (at the bottom) followed by Duchemin's first-day outfit.

So there you go. Feedback please !


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