Ten things about yourself.

Rules :
• Post these rules.
• Each tagged person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal/blog.
• Don't tag me back.

So, I'm tagging everyone in my watchlist, everyone in my reading list, everyone who passes by... everyone.

Here are the ten things about myself.

1. I hate figures. Simple adding/subtracting/multiplication/division is fine, beyond that is not.

2. I love music. What makes it even more special is because my mom was the person who shared it with me. (I'm saying "was" for a reason.) So everytime I play or I sing, I feel I have her in my heart.

3. I sketch everywhere - in my law textbooks, on my files, EVERYWHERE. There has not been a single textbook of mine which has been splashed with colour.

4. I dream of hitting the big stage one day. Sing under the name troisnyx*. Touch hearts. Unite people. I'd rather do that, than disunite families and throw people into prison in court.

5. Red is my favourite colour. It's bold, it stands out, and it's the colour of passion, of our very life blood.

6. I have a terrible mop of hair - which I'm thinking of restyling in a month's time.

7. I don't watch TV. At all. (Almost, actually.) The only shows I've truly watched were Doing Da Vinci (on Discovery), Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader ?, Horton Hears a Who !. But ever since mom passed away, I stopped watching TV.

8. I enjoy playing drums. The deeper the sound, the more my heart races.

9. I've had a habit of spoiling all my phone housings. There were two buttons missing on my previous housing. The current one is faulty too, such that if I don't hold back the Internet shortcut button, every other button I press takes me to the Internet browser.

10. And finally, I want to be free. (Take it in the sense that I want to liberate everyone too.)


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