I must write again.


The whole series of works for Les Histoires Duchemin isn't done yet. And it's waiting for my input.

I'm not sure if I'll ever update this post, but regardless, I'll be posting up a story fragment which has been haunting me of late.

The story fragment doesn't come from the Carnet du Service National, for those of you who have been following this tag for as long as you can remember. Yet, everything I write in this tag is linked. I may seem to be the type to jump here and there (as per Virginia Woolf's "stream of conscience") but I'm gonna make sure that whatever story I write has a proper plot, a proper set of characters, and a proper array of images and original soundtracks.

Eh galère, my back is aching.

Oh, and on a side note, here's a draft cover I made for Le Carnet du Service National :

Clockwise, from top : Didier Deschamps (Delta), Sybil Françaix (Bravo), Tatienne Delacroix (Delta), Aimée Duchemin (Bravo), Sylvain Dieudonné (Alpha), Térence Françaix (Alpha). You'll recognise them by the colours of their outfits more than anything else.

Love the cover ? Support me by purchasing the print here !

Colours are all thanks to Unbirth ; lineart, text and background are mine.
I realise it's a bit too colourful for a macabre story which could easily land a PEGI 12+ or PEGI 16 if turned into a game (ESRB : Teen). Back when I did this I was thinking of the things that made Duchemin and company happy, but...... no, I think I should work on another one.

I'm only putting in a summary of what you can expect to find in Le Carnet, and I'm obviously doing a favour to those who are too lazy to read all the tags I put for this post. This story involves paranormal forces, blood, violence (but not gore), mild language and questions of faith. Given the stringent rating here, it'd probably land 18-PL (combination of two or more adult elements), but elsewhere, it should reach PG-13 at the very least. So, if you can help me come up with ideas for a cover, featuring these six characters, it'd be great !


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