Entraînement de batterie, phase 2

I vowed to make today's practice better than the previous one, and I know, even if I didn't feel it, that the Lord was guiding my hands. Seriously, I enjoyed myself (where my usual practice sessions would end up in tears). And on top of that, I managed to record five vids !

Failed attempt at breakbeat.

Slightly more successful attempt at breakbeat. : )

Another of the more successful grooves.

After successfully doing one of the grooves above, I decided to let everything out on the snare drum. But (as you can guess) I'm not as fast as anyone else is. I don't know how it is that I'm able to share these vids with you guys today, though I must admit that it's for the simple fact that I enjoyed myself that I uploaded them as unlisted vids.

Similar to what I did on the snare ; I thought of just having fun for this vid... until I realised that I was just randomly hitting, and that's something anyone can do. I guess.

Alright. Enough of my rambling. : ) Am I on my way to playing well, or am I not ?

Also, sorry for the poor video quality (my camera's wonky beyond all repair) and the poor lighting - I just didn't find the need to draw the curtains and play. I prefer my lair to be all dark.


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