How today's drum practice turned out

I had once talked with a friend about my previous practice, and at that time I contemplated dressing up well for practice. When he asked me why, I told him I wanted to look at my best, feel at my best... and be at my best. No one can come unprepared, right ? So he anticipated the next practice.

I was hoping to record today's session, but at the beginning, it was just as bad as the previous session, and I wept. Again.

I just couldn't bring myself to record a wreck with a tear-stained face struggling on the drums, so I locked my phone and kept it away. I didn't take any recordings or photos of today's practice sesion. I was practically weeping, asking the Lord to guide my hands... (indeed, am I glad that no one else heard me !) But it was only ten minutes after the weeping that the practice turned out to be a lot better.

For starters, I finally mastered the single stroke roll.
Well... ^_^' It's the so-called "basic" drum roll where your hands just move in rapid succession. I bet you can easily imagine that.

The strange thing is that my hands seem to be fast only for the single stroke roll, and I've got a host of other things to practice that I don't even know where to start sometimes.

I just don't understand something : how is it that I can picture myself playing well when in reality, I'm struggling like a troubled beginner (when it's been more than two years since I first started playing) ?


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