Melodies, NaNoWriMo and whatnot

The good thing about being artistically inclined is that I can come up with at least the basic idea for each character, and the soundtrack to fit into the ambience of the actual story.

Well, it isn't entirely plain sailing, and I'm waiting for an opportune time to put some of my drafts for the CDSN Soundtrack online. And I'll have to describe each and every one of them.

I've also thought of trying my luck by submitting the story of Le Carnet du Service National to the team behind National Novel Writing Month. They open for submissions every 1st November to 30th November, but since there's still a relatively long way more to go, I just signed up as a user. I'm thinking of slowly developing every bit of the story, fine-tuning all the fantastical elements... and once November comes, I'll be putting the story in (50 000 words in all) and I'll link to it from here.

More to come from me soon.

Toods !


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