MOAR sung works.

I haven't written in a while, but right now, I thought I'd share with you two works which I did some three days ago.

Bing Bang from LazyTown, French version. Now, quite a lot of people have asked me for this. I had covered Galaxy, We Will Be Friends (both in English) and Teamwork (in French). The people who sent me comments via Kingdom Hearts Wiki's IRC had asked for Bing Bang, so when I finally found the instrumental version, I decided to work on it.

This second work was originally titled Koi Kana (Japanese, as you can guess), but I adapted this cover from Se Tunne (the Finnish version). Now, I personally prefer Se Tunne, but because I couldn't find the instrumental version of it, I stuck with Koi Kana. The lyrics are in Malay and I wrote them myself, and they were heavily adapted from Se Tunne.

Ping me for the lyrics !

As of now, another cover is being uploaded, and I'll put it up very soon. I've also got quite a bit of news to share for all readers ! <3


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