My first fandub


Since Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep is never going to come out with French voices, ever imagined what Zack Fair and Aqua would sound like in French ?

Zack Fair is voiced by Monou, a new player in the fandubbing scene (URL not available, because I really don't know where his site is, if he has one). One of my KHFrancophone friends introduced me to him. I received his lines first, then worked on my own, then split the audio and the background music for the video. And as you can guess, I'm voicing Aqua.

The lines, along with the translation, are as follows :

Zack : Hadès... La prochaine fois, je le refroidis pour de bon, celui-là !
Zack : Hades... The next time, I'm going to chill him for good !

Zack : Parfait... Si on fêtait notre victoire?
Zack : Perfect (I'd have translated it as "Alright")... What do you say we celebrate our victory ?
Aqua : Hein. Mais on n'est pas du tout obligé !
Aqua : Huh. But we don't need to !

Zack : Hum… Et si tu sortais avec moi ?
Zack : Hm... And what if you went out with me ? (Proper English : What if I asked you out on a date ?)

Aqua : Quoi?! Mais je... Je dois poursuivre ma quête et en plus, je ne suis qu'une apprentie ! Moi... Je...
Aqua : What ?! But I... I have to pursue my quest and what's more, I'm only a trainee ! I.... I...

Zack : Tu marques un point. Moi aussi, je ne suis qu'un apprenti héros.
Zack : You've got a point. I'm only a "junior hero" too.

Aqua : Hein ?
Aqua : Huh ?

Zack : Hey, je n'ai qu’à devenir un héros ! Comme ça, on pourra sortir ensemble !
Zack : Hey, I only have to be a hero ! That way, we can go out together !

Aqua : Je… Mais je ne peux rien te promettre !
Aqua : I... but I can't promise you anything !

Zack : OK ! Maintenant que je me suis décidé, je vais bien me concentrer sur mon entrainement !
Zack : OK ! Now that I've decided, I'm gonna concentrate on my training !


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