The reasoning behind "Kingdom Herts"

1) It's a pun on Kingdom Hearts.
2) It's linked to the fact that I'll soon be entering the University of Hertfordshire. Which is in the UK. :P Don't ask silly questions.

Bind United Kingdom, Kingdom Hearts and Hertfordshire together and here's what you get :

Kingdom Herts, of course !

Now, these images have been used in the process of making the new BG.

The first image. Involved several handwriting and doodle brushes.

The second image. This was once the blog background, but I felt it was too bare. The transparent heart was ripped out from the Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep trailer. Yes, I even went so far as to remove the text and do something about the edges.

And here you have it - the final image !
As you can see, I kinda tweaked the first one a bit, and then placed the second one at 40% transparency, and then combined the two together.

There. My redesigning work is finally done.

Made myself a BG nice enough to celebrate my entry into Kingdom Herts. ;-)

On a totally side note, today does indeed feel like a day of mourning. Two years ago, on this day, I lost my mom. I realised that I had drained out all my tears last night and now, even when I'm sad, I just can't seem to cry. Mourning takes place in the weirdest of ways sometimes. But one thing's for sure : I want the people around me to see a fine young girl, God-fearing, loving, forgiving, diligent, passionate. I know then, that anyone would be proud of me. Mom would.

P.S. Remember my first ever cover ? It reached 700 views today !
Here's my promise - if I get a good mic I will at least attempt to rework it. <3


Joshua at: August 28, 2010 at 2:04 AM said...

Don't ask silly questions.

I like asking silly questions. I didn't ask that one, though. :P

The first image.

Why do you want "STUPID ME!" on your background image?

Mourning takes place in the weirdest of ways sometimes.

I agree. And sometimes mornings are dark because the sky is overcast. That was also a side note. :P

troisnyx* at: August 28, 2010 at 2:27 AM said...

Well, as for "STUPID ME", I just imagined anyone, for that matter, expressing his angst on his papers by writing all sorts of junk. Well, it happens to us sometimes, no ? Except that some of us are a lot less explicit when it comes to showing angst.

This morning's particularly bright, by the way. ^_^

Joshua at: August 28, 2010 at 5:18 PM said...

This morning's particularly bright, by the way.

Mine, too. Haha. :)

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