Surprise, surprise ! A visit from a radio station - just outside my college !

You probably won't believe your ears, but those of you who have read my post on the Hitz.FM Road Runners who came to Brickfields Asia College last year will probably understand why this year's Road Runners picked a rather "secluded" college.

Yes, believe it - the Mix FM Road Runners came to Brickfields Asia College.

This is the second time BAC has been visited by Road Runners. And I just happened to stop by when the Road Runners were outside BAC, after completing a few transactions at the nearby bank. I have a few blur pictures as proof !

Road Runners dishing out prizes.

The Mix FM van.

Final call.

The Road Runners dished out car signs, tickets to Sesame Street Live in KL and quite a few other goodies which both Rin and I missed... Oh well. Better luck next time, or so they say.


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