Cambridge Tour 2010.09.25


Yesterday we had an organised trip to Cambridge, which began at 9:30 and ended at 5:30. 8 hours on foot, it was EXHAUSTING !

But they say, in Cambridge, the university spans everywhere. The faculties are all over Cambridge, and so are the residential colleges. The place is steeped in faith, as shown by the names of the areas... St Boltoph, St Mary the Great, Jesus Green... (Expect the exceptions too.)

We went to all the attractions (including the Wooden Bridge, the so-called "Mathematical Bridge"), above the area where the punts were, the peculiar sights in Cambridge, the churches and abbeys, eateries including the Royal Air Force bar, where during the war, pilots around the ages of 19 and 23 were sent on dangerous missions. They met up with their friends at the RAF bar, and wrote their mission numbers on the ceiling. They didn't know if they would return to the bar to meet their friends ever again. The place is also known as The Eagle, and it's the most famous bar in Cambridge.

We also passed by Corpus Christi College, and just at the front, is the Chronophage - a stark reminder that time and tide waits for no one, and everyone would expire.

After the tour was over and it was noon, me, Maud and company stopped at an eatery for Cornish pasties (bacon and cheese and chips - yum !), then we went shopping and all of us got separated.

Oh and by the way, the three people posing for the photo are Marion, Melissa and Maud. And what did I do, you ask ?

I just walked around and felt tired ! In the middle of the tour I crashed at McDonald's (literally crashed - I needed some shuteye and I slept on the table whilst another friend, Marie, had a quick meal), then we did our final bit of walking before making it back.

Good trip, but tiring. I need a few days and I need to do it at my own time.

Coming soon :
St Albans, in videos : Law School
Cambridge Tour, in videos


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