Games Night, in videos

Sorry that this post came late ; it takes ages to upload all these vids. And I got them all in HD ! XD

Emmanuel busting a few random moves before the Games Night began.

The opening game. We had to rip out all the coloured papers from the wall, according to team.

Over and under the ball went... The aim of this game is to pass the ball over and under the line, and the last person to receive it would have to run to the front. First team to do this won.

"Is there anybody in the Yellow Team who is wearing yellow ?" Practically the wrong question to ask because not a single soul was wearing yellow.

The game above is played as follows : From the team, Person A will be taken out, and he will play the role of the cop. Person B will be the "killer", and he kills his victims by just winking at them. Once you're winked at, you either sit down or play dead. And the cop has to find out who the killer is.

This video contains epic phail. Because when the killer winked, she herself and ten other people sat down. *facepalm*

We're being watched !

When the music starts, we dance. When the music stops, we sit down. We all went plonk on the floor. My butt ached... o.O

Passing the poisoned parcel. Our task was to find something blue. My camera was blue, so I grabbed it from Emmanuel's hand and chaos ensued..


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