I expected to go to St Albans today to collect my timetable but we're only going there on Wednesday. Oh well...

So I got to know a few new neighbours from my side of Chapman Hall. Four locals, two international students (me included), and that other international student's only gonna be here for one semester. Banyak cantik ! Wonder what'll happen after that... now out of all my flatmates, I know that two are music students, one is doing business... I'm not sure about the rest.

I'm surviving on biscuits, bread and water and Forum food for now... I NEED TO SHOP FULL STOP END OF STORY.

I also went to the University of Hertfordshire Student Union (UHSU) reception - there's this two-storey building called the EleHouse. The bar's on the ground floor ; the UHSU offices are mostly situated on the first floor. What did I do there, you ask ?

Well, there was this leaflet for the Soapbox project, where students are encouraged to blog about their experience in the university, take pictures and videos and whatnot... and I became particularly interested. Soapbox is selecting six featured bloggers. And I forgot what the incentives actually are, but it'd be nice to be able to speak about what I'm going through to my friends.

Regardless of whether or not OH TEH NOES ! makes it to the spotlight, there are a few core tags which I recommend all of you to read :

  • The Life of a Student : This tag comprises all academic work back in Malaysia, as well as all experiences for the next two years in the University of Hertfordshire. HD videos abound !
  • Performances : This tag comprises all small-scale performances, original works and song covers.
  • La Musique : Musical rants and BGMs which I created on my own using Mario Paint.
  • Questions of Faith : A must-read for all UH Catholic Society people coming to this blog, as well as those who want to share spiritual experiences and discussions with me. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. And no, I do not tolerate bigotry.
  • Questions of Law : A must-read for all law students coming to this blog, as well as those who want to get bits and pieces of information on the subjects I've studied, or the subjects I am studying. Quite a few posts under this tag are also tagged with Questions of Faith because the issues are heavily intertwined, so again, READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.
  • Drawings and Photomanipulations : A series of posts about well... my drawings and photomanipulations.
  • Les Histoires Duchemin : A series of posts about a story I'm developing. LHD is still in its infancy stage. To understand how LHD began, I recomend you to read all posts tagged The National Service Journal.

You're most welcome to read the other categories, especially if they pique your interest.

Alright. I'm outta here. I have a rendezvous at John Lill at 11. Bai.


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