St Albans in pictures


At the cafeteria.

And that's what it's called.

One of the lecturers. Taken by Kevin Rogers, International Student Support tutor.

I know that Fione and Jasmine (the furthest to the right) and I are there in this picture. I forgot the rest of their names though... Image taken by Kevin Rogers.

After our meal was done, Mr Rogers gave us a brief overview of what we would be doing.

The huge crest in the mock courtroom. The text on the dark blue banner reads Honi (current spelling : Honni) soit qui mal y pense, which means "shame to him who thinks ill of it" in Middle French. And at the bottom, there's Dieu et mon droit, literally "God and my right/law", which still is good language till this very day.

ISS tutor Kevin Rogers giving us an insight into the mock courtrooms.

"It's called Pemberton ! Say Pemberton !"

In the Learning Resources Centre.

The exterior of the St Albans Abbey. This is the place where we will be graduating, provided we do our work well, of course.

The front fa├žade of the abbey.
Now you might've noted that some of the pictures are in widescreen. The camera automatically takes the first frame and saves it as a picture whenever I take a video of something.

The interior of the abbey.
Just an interesting bit of trivia ; St Albans was named after a 3rd-century British saint named Alban, a Roman citizen and martyr who died defending his Christian faith. When I learned that we're going to be graduating here, I was honoured. To most people, it'd be an honour because they're visiting the place of their graduation. For me, it's a double honour !

This part of the abbey seems to have been closed off...

My heart lit up when I left St Albans. But now I'll have to look forward to two years of slavery hard work... then and only then can I taste the fruit of partial success.

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