Ye lads an' lasses, lookay here !

Barn Dance was yesterday night at the Auditorium, in the Student Forum. I didn't know they had an auditorium... in the College Lane... until I saw this.

Entry was one pound but it was worth it.

The colour-changing lights near the Style bar. I wanted to take a picture of them. ^_^

This, my friends, is the Auditorium. It was built only last year. And it looks so awesome ! Mind you, since this is the Barn Dance, that thing on the floor is straw.

The huge chandelier at the centre, when it is unlit.

Jasmine, Shing and company. I'm the one with the hat and the white shirt.

The bar at the left side of the Auditorium. There's one at the right side too.

The DJ's station.

Student Guides. Khuram is at the right.

See the white starry backlights on the stage ? I love those. I'm actually thinking of putting them to good use. :D

Sweets. : ) The red ones in particular remind me of strawberries and whipped cream...

"No ! I'm not the DJ !" XD

This is one of my favourite shots. That thing is so clear, and everyone's faces just lit up. And I love how my pose turned out ! :D

Malaysians. :P

The chandelier when it was lit up.

Bienvenidos en el rancho grande ! (No but seriously, that's the only time where I apply Spanish.)

The participants all lined up. The closest to the band is called the "top couple" and the furthest away from the band is called the "bottom couple".

Shing and company with the team leader.

Dancers forming a square on the floor. A "square" is eight people, all couples, on either side.

Final photo before leaving.

I pretty much enjoyed myself, and attempted to dance in time, but at the end of it all I was exhausted. My chest was aching. We left at about 10-something. I don't know where Shing and company ended up, but I ended up with a whole new group of people. And once I know the dance steps, I just work my way. ^_^

Oh, and I was also tempted to use the drum kit on the stage. I love the beat of the drums. <3


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