Enter Music, Art and Photography Faculty, Logic 8 studio.
Just so you know, it's opposite the Art and Design building, which is on the same row as the Mercer Building (or the student centre - you know, the one with that striking yellow grid).

The software used there for creating tracks is Logic 8. Now, I know Logic 9 is already out, and I've already taken a sneak peek into it. But long story short, it's a software created by Apple (all those computers you see here are Macs) to create instrumental tracks. Or even remix them. Logic runs on sound samples, and you can input the notes you want on a keyboard (or your computer keyboard, if you don't have anything else to plug into the computer). Unlike most recording softwares, Logic registers every single note, hence you can actually alter the notes if you feel like you've made a mistake. You can even get it to keep the beat for you.

So yesterday being one of my off days, I decided to pay a visit to the Logic 8 studio and a friend taught me the basics of Logic 8. And I had a whale of a time - well, until I realised that it was already 2:30 p.m. and the studio soon had to be used !

Now you might be asking me, what is a law student, whose place is supposed to be in St Albans, doing in a recording studio ? In just a few words : I have a dream to live. I can only visit the studio from time to time, that's for sure, given that soon I'll be focusing on my coursework. But whenever I get the opportunity to record, record I will.


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