If I have to start small, so be it.


I had that society meeting I was telling you about.

Now I was told that it’s not right for me to tell about the leadership problems the society I was eyeing – the Arts and Entertainment Society - was facing because it gives them a bad stigma.

Point is, regardless of whether or not I tell them… they already know.

Also, I’d rather be honest about the circumstances. I’m not here to give everyone the impression that AES is Sunshiney-Happy-Land. I’d rather tell people how it is as it is. And under legal definitions, this does not fall under defamation. Whilst I know I have to be responsible for what I say, I know, with a firm conviction, that I can say it, and that if an occasion arises that I have to talk about this, talk about this I will.

Let me tell the truth that I learned.

AES is established, but is a new and small society.

And I want to bring them up, if this is the case.

I was under the impression that they were already long established, but during yesterday’s brief meeting, they cleared the air. Regardless, if I have to start small, ainsi soit-il ! I want to be able to show my friends and the cynics around me that this society – AES, this once small society – can rise up the ranks and top everyone else. I know this won’t happen instantly but it’s gonna start with one small effort.

I told them during the meeting that I’m a musical person. If I have to train HEARTS UNITE : Project Chorale during my term time, I’m willing to do it. Because I have a passion, and it’s not right if I just keep it to myself simply because my previous ideas did not work out.

Though, as for these ideas that I’ve had, what becomes of them ? What happens to these things that I have in mind… ? Are they gone forever ?


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