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Taken from @ihatequotes :

Sorry is like a band-aid. Just because you use it, doesn't mean it's gonna heal the wound. -Suzanne Selfors #ihatequotes

To Selfors and ihatequotes, as much as this quote can inflame the sentiments of girls who have been in love-hate relationships, liaisons where they are overburdened by the errors of their peers...

...a society who is not willing to apologise is like a disease : a great body covered with sores, which refuse to be healed regardless of the condition the body is in.

I am well aware that "sorry" is a word. Just like all other words, they are imperfect. Some have greater moral value than others. Words can be manipulated, or they can be given their ordinary and natural meaning. This does not apply to law alone ; it applies to life. As much as there are people who want to be given an excuse to recommit their past wrongs, there are people who use this word from the bottom of their hearts and are willing to make amends. They may be few and far between, but let us never assume that their numbers are negligible.

And it all boils down to us. How forgiving are we ? What is our definition of jealousy ? The Lord tells us to forgive seventy-seven times seven times... i.e. always. Life is too short to hold grudges against anyone. For us to be healed, we have to heal others, and this includes giving the people who have wronged us a clean slate to start over.Or else, the vicious cycle of doubt, pride and grudges will be perpetuated, and we ultimately get consumed by it. I'm saying this from experience, and I'm sure that as people go ahead in life and come across things like these, they'd believe what I believe.

We can tell the diffference between a true apology and a fake one. But where we're at the end of our ropes where giving opportunities is concerned, we can only shake the dust and move on.

I'm sorry, Selfors, but your statement of "sorry" being a band-aid is only true to some extent. But the hurt is necessary for us to acheive bliss. If retribution is the only thing on your minds, girls, lemme tell you straight to your faces : you're not gonna get anywhere.


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