Vice Chancellor's Scholarship Awards Celebratory Event, in pictures

The Vice Chancellor's Scholarship Awards Celebratory Event, as the name suggests, is an event for the 100 international students who received scholarships. Since the event was by invitation only, we were pretty much "delegates" for the day. : ) It was held at the Style Bar, on the first floor of the Forum. Lunch and refreshments were served. (Well, it's lunch for me, although it isn't lunch for those who have huge portions...) So not wanting to spoil the nature of the event, I only took pictures, and no videos.

I heard, in the Vice Chancellor's opening words, that they had close to 2000 new international students for this intake alone. And out of these 2000, only 100 were selected for scholarships "in a very competitive environment". Now when I thought of this, I pondered upon my application and now I must say that the Lord has truly blessed me with the opportunity of not only receiving a scholarship, but also being here as a delegate.

The event gave me an opportunity to network with friends new and old, as well as staff within the various departments that were available. And guess who I met from the Law School ? My Commercial Law lecturer ! :D

Anyway. *coughs* These are the pictures.

Before we got into the queue. I forgot the name of the girl on the far left, but after her is Doreen, then Freida, then me. I wanted to wear my green lengha for the event but then decided it'd be too dressy for the afternoon...

Doreen and Freida.

A little note on Doreen : That dress she's wearing... she actually designed it herself. My jaw dropped when she told us that. She designed quite a lot of her clothes on her own. And what course was she in ? LLM - Masters in Law !

I didn't realise that I was indirectly taking myself on the mirror.

This time we were joined by May Ling, my fellow coursemate from Brickfields Asia College (front) and Shing (far right).

Food, glorious food !

TheywantedpictureswiththestaffandsoItookthem. >_>

I didn't find myself particularly attractive that day. I was wearing my favourite red dress, and tights, and boots, and had no makeup on... Everyone else dressed a bit more seriously than I did, even though they weren't dressy, but I wonder if I was actually leaving things to others' imagination or...

Networking with the staff. The lady whom Doreen is talking to... that is my Commercial Law lecturer. I only remember her first name, though... That's not gonna do any good, is it ?

Enough said, they wanted pictures together.

She's standing next to the Vice Chancellor himself. : )

Inside this envelope is the certificate that says I was awarded a scholarship. Now, the reason why I am IRKED with this picture is because my name should only end at Annette Pretiba Singh. But no, the Registration Department of Malaysia assumed that my name was a patronymic just because I'm of Indian descent, and so threw in my dad's name, and now I have to bear the burden of carrying an extraordinarily long name on every single document I've got, beyond my control ! The only piece of evidence which does not obey this rule is my student ID. Jabatan Pendaftaran, I am so going to clobber you when I come back to Malaysia !!! When you assume you make an ASS out of U and ME !

The round table of Malaysians. Well, not entirely. The guy in the black shirt, Calvin, is a Pakistani. But we were the last people to return from the Style Bar. The event ended at 5 ; we stayed on for almost an hour (I think).

And as you can imagine........... The thing about us Malaysians is that we love taking pictures of ourselves. And sometimes, of others. :P Definitely with consent, but we're more than ready to consent.


Joshua at: October 30, 2010 at 1:50 AM said...

I didn't find myself particularly attractive that day.

Nonsense. And you're definitely easier on the eyes than that silly looking purple and pink bus outside. :P

I was wearing my favourite red dress

Haha. The first word that came to my mind was "orange". But, sure, red works too. :P Isn't that the one you danced in, recently?

Annette Pretiba Singh

Now I know. Actually, I started writing "Know" first, but then thought "Know I now" didn't sound quite right.

Jabatan Pendaftaran, I am so going to clobber you when I come back to Malaysia !!!

You're going to clobber the entire registration department? You're going to go Samson on those Philistines?

troisnyx* at: October 30, 2010 at 7:28 AM said...

Yes, I really gotta go Samson on the Philistines already. Well, more specifically, the Putrajaya branch, since they were the ones who ruined my name on my ID.

And about the pink and purple bus... :P Look up Uno bus company on WP.

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