My first ever snow day : )


Believe me, this is more than what I saw last night.

The first time I saw snow fall was late last night, and that came from a prompt tweet sent my by friend who said :

Snowing snowing OMG IT'S SNOWING !!!

I knew she must've been excited. She and I hail from the same country. So I opened the curtain and I saw the cars neatly parked outside Chapman Hall, covered in a blanket of white. I was thrilled ! I didn't wanna go out, though, because it was so cold, even in the room, so I put on my gloves, scraped the snow from my window ledge and felt it for the first time. I felt like a little child again.

At 2 AM when I was about to sleep, I heard my friends squealing in the kitchen. They woke up one of my flatmates - a certain one who lives two rooms away from mine - and I relented, because it was the first snow day. I went to bed happy.

Now pardon me for behaving as though I haven't seen snow in my entire life, because I honestly haven't. Malaysia is torrid. Summer is eternal. It's hot, humid, and when it rains, it pours. You can't even go out in a cotton pullover because you'll surely get drenched. Now I'm aware that snow has its downside, but still, it's just so pretty... and enticing... that it makes me wanna go out and play.

Tell me, how was your first snow night (or day, now that I'm at it) ? What were you doing ?


Joshua at: November 30, 2010 at 4:47 PM said...

Tell me, how was your first snow night (or day, now that I'm at it) ? What were you doing ?

Got me. I grew up in Missouri, where it snowed every winter. Since I was born in January, my first snow day I'm sure I don't remember. :P My favorite snow day was around my fourteenth birthday. There was a heavy snow. Then the weather heated up enough to start melting the snow, then a cold snap, so that the entire ground became an ice skating rink. I had two of my friends over for my birthday and we spent all afternoon skating around the woods behind my house.

Why did you put spaces before your question marks? :P

troisnyx* at: November 30, 2010 at 5:06 PM said...

Force of habit : derivation from the French language. When it comes to certain punctuation symbols - : ; ? ! - there's a mandatory space between the last word and the punctuation mark. I take care not to do that in dissertations, as it counts as one extra word, but in all other things I write, I habitually use the space. I find it easier on the eyes to read "Stuff it !" rather than "Stuff it!". But that's just me. ^_^'

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