Saints' and Sinners / Propaganda Night : Halloween Party

A little note before I begin this series of visuals :

Propaganda Night is an event held at the Forum on Saturday nights, and it's UK's biggest indie night. The genres are mainly pop, rock and dance. The 30th of October was my first ever Propaganda Night.

Since it was the day before Halloween, it was a dress-up party. And the Catholic Society continued a trend which they began last year. The theme : Saints and Sinners !

If you're wondering which saint I went as, it's St Joan of Arc. (Yes, she's one of my favourites, and the costume was a last-ditch effort to go as a saint, but yeah...)

Many thanks to Peter, Stacey, Tony, Ev, Damian, Bre, Lauren, Alana, Karen and the rest for making this a wonderful night. Oh and here's the best part : DST ended soon after we left the Forum, so we actually left at 12:40 a.m. STANDARD TIME ! :D

Our first stop. The Wikipedia page for the University of Hertfordshire (I think ?) cites the EleHouse being so named because it bears resemblance to the Elephant House at the London Zoo.

Peter, Ev and (I forgot his name - can someone refresh me, please ?). Peter is dressed as... St Peter. Well he actually said it out loud a few days before Propaganda Night, so... :P

Lauren and Bre. Angels, or fallen angels ?

Peter with... yours truly. I look terrible here. Go to the next pictures.

Here's me, as St Joan of Arc. Well, a highly inaccurate representation of her, that is. The shield on my left forearm should've been the France Ancien (the one with so many fleurs-de-lys), but because I didn't have the patience to draw that many fleurs-de-lys on my shield, I ended up doing the France Moderne. As for the sword... well, Peter got it for me the day before, when I was in St Albans attending classes. : )

There, that's much better. Yet, none of the photos actually have me from top to toe... Because I was wearing my favourite black boots. Which actually complete the outfit. Well, now I do. Thanks Stacey and Tony :D

This is Damian, going as... St Damian. That hat was in the hands of Father Mark Vickers before he lent it to Damian. We've heard that the hat originally belonged to the (current ?) Archbishop of Canterbury before it passed on to Father Mark, and Father Mark's words to Damian before he passed him the hat were, "Don't lose it ! It's a lot of money !"

This is Tony, going as St Andrew. We've had people asking him if he was Scottish. Well, later, he got the flag of Scotland painted on his face !

I didn't get to ask for their names (I found out later that the one on the right is Karen), but they were, technically, the first two to dress as "sinners". Well, Karen seems to be a fallen angel... (No, wait, if that's the case, then Lauren and Bre are...)

Next to me is Stacey. I reckon this is the first picture of her taken on my camera. I don't know ; she was camera-shy at first, and then...

I admit this shot is a bit risqué. We had initially taken a shot of Ev, but that was much worse and I decided not to put it up.

Tony wearing a skull mask one of the people sitting near me brought. Now that mask has a switch in it, and if it's turned on, the mohawk hairdo emits red lights. Without the red lights, it's scary, but with them... umm... Anyway. Rock on, Tony. :P

The depiction of driving evil away. I wonder if Tony noticed this...

Presenting... the Round Table of Saints and Sinners !

I'm not sure if Tony or Stacey handled the camera when doing this, but this is the only shot which captures my boots. Thanks a bunch ! :D

Sainte Jeanne d'Arc in a technical age ?

I don't quite like how my eyes turned out, but the pose is priceless. :D I could just as well cosplay as her if they'd ever create an anime about her !

*chuckles* The look on Peter's face is priceless ! :D

Beware the enticing glare of the devil. You've been warned.

Now these gloves are made to look like real-life skeletal hands having blood in them. That red liquid inside those hands trickles with hand movement. It's part of the set that Karen brought for her friend (the other part being the skull mask that Tony wore).

Gotta love that winning smile. >:D

Next to me is Alana.

I remember when I first asked Stacey what she would dress up as... When she told us she was thinking of going as a sinner, we wondered what her idea of a sinner would be. Her one-word reply was : CAVEMAN ! Now, she and Tony came across a caveman-like character and........ you can imagine what happened from there.

Feeling peckish now, eh, Tony ?

Is the light so strong that their shadows show on the ceiling ?

In the middle of the gathering of students in the EleHouse, there was a film being screened in the area close to the Forum : Scary Movie.

Okay, so Bre took a picture with the security personnel guarding the entrance of the EleHouse. Now this is a mistake on my part ; the light outdoors was bright enough and I shouldn't have put the camera on flash, because look what happened ! The guard's vest is glowing !

By this time, six of us - Bre, Lauren, Peter, Stacey, Tony and I - had already entered the Forum. This was taken in the open-air section of the Style Bar, on the first floor. And what did I say about Tony having the flag of Scotland painted on his face ?

This one was taken in the Style Bar proper, when we decided we needed to sit indoors. First Bre was a fallen angel ; now she's a Playboy bunny ? o.O

The old Shakespearean-era threat of biting your thumb at someone. Only that Stacey is biting her finger.

What became of the shield. RIP.
I'm not sure whose tube of blood and lighter those are, but... I had to lay my shield down on a dry table and the rest of the tables had beer spill marks on them...

This was taken when the six of us first stepped into the Auditorium, where the latter half of the event took place. I really liked the way the stage was set up !

And I also liked the glow on the chandelier, even though that thing looks terrible when lit up.

Again, another flash error. The security guard's vest is glowing. But I wanted to take a picture of the stage when the screens read "The Propaganda Halloween Party !" and so I did.

This was the display to our left.

This is another error on my part because I wanted to take a picture of the upper section of the Forum when the lights shone on it, but I missed...

And this was the display to our right.

Stacey and Tony near the left staircase in the Auditorium. Just shows how close we were to the corner !

Steam was blowing from the left display (or was it CO2 ?) ; I reckoned it'd be nice to take a picture of one of us (or more ?) revelling in the steam... um, whatever. And Tony was the only one looking to my direction.

The chandelier when steam or whatever it is covers it. This pic, again, doesn't do justice to the actual situation because there were blue crepuscular rays coming from the disco ball, and I wanted to capture those ! I did, but only in part - the rays were much wider.

Bre... with a guy in the Forum who danced really, really well. Because it was so entertaining to see him move, I wanted to take a vid of him, but it was too dark. We settled for a pic instead.

A picture of us featured on the official Propaganda website ! That day the photographer decided to take a picture of all six of us - the Saints and Sinners, so here you go !
Image sourced from the official Propaganda site : can only be accessed if Fatsoma is enabled on Facebook.

Karen and her bunch also got featured on the official Propaganda site ! :D

And before I finish, Happy All Saints' Day ! It's not only a feast in remembrance of the saints, it's a feast for you and me !


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