Joieeeeeeeee :D

The first assignment in law school was that of Tort Law, and it was the only essay question which I received. I always was worried about essay questions, and during my first year, I only came close to a first-class answer with Constitutional & Administrative Law (a.k.a. Public Law : read — one mark short ! >_>). I had told myself I'd aim for a first-class honours degree, and with this thought in mind, no matter how elusive it was, I wrote my Tort coursework. After bouts of corrections, proofreading and restructuring, I didn't know what to do with the essay anymore and I handed it in, thanking God and praying. (Note : I only started getting the essay proofread two days before the deadline.)

Today, our Land Law lecture was taken by a familiar face — the assistant module leader for Tort Law — and he told us that the results were going to be released after that lecture. I became scared.

Before I opened the online portal (StudyNet), I prayed. Lord, I've done my best ; please, do the rest for me. I commit myself into your loving hands. Since this is my first year in Hertfordshire and that was my first time looking on StudyNet for my results, I ended up looking in the wrong places... Finally, on a classmate's advice, I clicked on another series of pages to view my marks.

In saying this I am by no means trying to be boastful about my results — I really am happy, no doubt. And the Lord be praised for helping me all through the assignment ! And I'd also like to thank the classmates who have given me advice on this thing — I'm not sure if I remember who exactly gave me advice, but I thank you nonetheless. And thanks also to James for proofreading my essay... much to his and my own chagrin. ^_^'

Bless the Lord, my soul !

I'd love to celebrate this... find an occasion to celebrate this... I must share this with you guys. : )


Joshua at: February 1, 2011 at 1:37 AM said...

Hahaha! Praise the Lord! =D

troisnyx* at: February 1, 2011 at 1:43 AM said...

Amen ! ^_^ x

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