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Two days ago, I turned 20.
It feels weird.

I went for mass at 9:30 a.m., then met Stacey and Emmanuel outside Odeon in the Hatfield Galleria and went in with them to watch Hop. Later, Tony joined us and we had a buffet lunch in The Real China.

Thanks, guys, for a wonderful afternoon. ^_^


Following my failure in Britain’s Got Talent, I decided to post Cordelia’s Song back on YouTube. And guess what — it had a whopping 11 likes on the first day, more than what I received when I first put it up and took it down!
The video that never could.

I put it up on Soapbox, and it seems that the first person who rated this thing didn’t like it very much.

Though I wonder… Michael and I took our free Wednesday off just to record the footage for this thing. I did enjoy every moment of it. But now, I wonder if it’d have been better to have not done it at all…

I’m fed up with the whole “it’s for personal growth” thing. Want personal growth? Look at my YouTube works. I started with a phone for crying out loud. It was only in late August that I got my new PC (and integrated mic), and I started recording better covers with this thing. I did the same for Cordelia’s Song, but this time, it was my first music video. Now what more will it take to move hearts? It doesn’t look like I can pierce through them. The pundits behind BGT have decided that I am not memorable, that this song is forgettable… Maybe I’m just not. Or maybe I am. I don’t know anymore.

One thing’s for sure: I’m going to take forever (by social networking standards) to recover, because I poured my heart and soul into this song.

Also, remember the Hymn of the Fayth project I announced some time ago?

Project #OurSending

This is the first draft, and I’m taking in voice submissions — either by video response or as an audio file with a download link. I’m yet to set a deadline for this, but once I do, I don’t know if I’ll be updating this post — I will be updating the YouTube and Facebook pages, so stay tuned.

I hope to get as many responses as possible — I want this to be great, even though this project is small and there are no financial proceedings from it. Dear Lord, please bless this humble effort of ours! As is, I do not know if this first draft sounds presentable… But I hope from the bottom of my heart that it is!

And finally…


After several months, that is! I’m happy with this version (after what I did with my phone several months ago!)

The Mario Paint OC Contest Round 15 is in its voting stage, and we only have six days till it all ends.

Are you a Mario Paint Composer user? If so, have you voted yet?

Here is the full list of songs.

Quite a lot of votes poured in on the first day, but the last few votes seem to determine everything. Competition between first and second place is VERY, VERY INTENSE. Listen to the songs and you’d probably be able to figure out which songs I’m hinting at.


Flight’s been booked and payment is yet to be settled (I’ll know more of the details after the Easter break), but I REALLY AM EXCITEDDDD!

And now, another bit of sadness.

EXAMS. -__-

I begin on 3 May and end on 10 May.

On the flipside, I end quite early compared to many other students (save for those who don’t have exams…), so that comforts me a little bit, at the very least.

I seem to be more prepared for EU and Tort rather than Land and Commercial. I must continue my work.

Oh, and happy birthday, Sophia. ^_^ God bless you today and in the year ahead.

God bless all those who are born in April — there are just so many April birthdays here in the uni.

Kthxbai. Tire la langue


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