The final Open Mic Night, in pictures


This is a continuation of my previous post, The sufferings of the final Open Mic Night. All still pictures (I believe) were taken by Kevin Chung. Thanks, Kevin!

The host, Mike, back from a period of absence and giving us the introductory item of the night.

Side 1 of the people who were present. From left: me, Glenn, Marta, Shelby and Kevin.

Side 2 of the people who were present. From left: Kevin, Mary and Sengnom.

Emmanuel was also present, albeit for a short time, and he had to leave because he had the stuff for the Big Band performance in his bag.

Probably the clearest picture there is of me performing.

My friends after the performance was done. There’s a new face now — Carolyn, right at the left.

Carolyn and me just before we took our leave. This picture is priceless! ^_^ And on a side note, MY HAIR IS IN A MESS.

Thanks again to everyone who came, to everyone who watched the footage, and to everyone who supported me even from a distance.


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