A further discours on love


I was meaning to write this two days ago, but I guess it makes not much difference for us Britons. (Perhaps except for the fact that Catholics in Britain celebrated the Feast of the Ascension today, but still, there is something that needs to be brought across.)

3 June was the feast day of Saints Charles Lwanga and companions.

I imagine my Ugandan friends would be happy that their country can also be called a land of saints. I’m happy for them too. But that’s beside the point.

For the unitiated, Charles Lwanga (a.k.a. Karoli Lwanga) and his twenty-one companions were martyred by King Mwanga II for resisting the king’s efforts to get Christians to abandon their faith. After several Anglicans were massacred, the court’s resident Catholic priest, Joseph Mukasa, reproached the king for his deeds. Mukasa was beheaded and all his followers subsequently arrested. Lwanga took Mukasa’s place and baptised those of his pupils who had been catechumens (i.e. in the process of becoming Christian) in secret. The king asserted himself… and Lwanga and his companions refused King Mwanga II’s homosexual advances. So the king was infuriated, and subsequently had Lwanga and ten of his Catholic companions burnt at the stake. The eleventh was beheaded. The other nine of his companions, who were Anglican, were beheaded. He and his companions were canonised by Blessed John Paul (then Pope John Paul II), and whilst the Anglicans could not be canonised, they were given special mention for enduring death on the account of the name of Jesus Christ. (And what happened to Mwanga II, you ask? After all his persistent efforts in wiping Christianity from Uganda, his actions alarmed the British, he made a few pacts with them but remained tenacious as ever, but was ultimately defeated, deposed to the Seychelles… and there, he became a Christian himself.)

This brings back an account from the Old Testament about seven sons, along with their mother, who were all tortured by a king and forced to taste pigs’ flesh, which is against the Mosaic Law. And because of one of the reasons why Saint Charles Lwanga and his fellow brethren were killed involves (for those of you who are familiar with yaoi [Boys’ Love] manga and animé terms) a seme (attacker) and an uke (receiver)… this brings back the account of the events that happened in Sodom and Gomorrah in the book of Genesis.

Saint Charles knew that which could truly satisfy humankind. I have mentioned, in several accounts in the past, that the love we are searching for gives. The love that we are searching for is not arrogant, selfish, rude or proud. And if the love we are searching for truly gives, then we would be prepared to bring forth a gift — that of a child — out of that same love. This is what marriage is all about. The husband and wife truly become one flesh. The one flesh is the child. The ‘love’ Mwanga II was searching for could not bring forth anything — it was a selfish act. The two people in the couple don’t become one flesh at all. Given the completely stark difference, however Westminster Parliament words it, same-sex unions can never be equal to marriage, like it or not.

I must be perfectly honest in writing this — the thing I have come to notice about most people I’ve encountered who are either homosexual or support LGBT matters is that they don’t stop at being persistent. They are brashly vocal and won’t stop at nothing. The main method of choice is the use of intimidation and jargon. Saints Charles and his companions would’ve endured the same thing… except later, they had to endure torture and death. I had an encounter — a terrible one, I’d say — with another DeviantArt user concerning yaoi and yuri (male-male and female-female homosexuality in Japanese games and animé) and Kingdom Hearts, my favourite game series.

Roxas and Axel, one of the supposed yaoi pairings Kingdom Hearts fans make. The two, however, are shown to be close friends in-game.

Whilst much of what I was doing was sighing and sadly shaking my head, I had to stand up to her. And to her I only gave politeness, but I had to vehemently refuse, because I knew what she was advocating for was immoral. And I was not the only one experiencing the same kind of turmoil. I’m glad that my friends Steffanie and James were ever willing to help me bear the burden. Most others gave vocal support for whatever it was that we were advocating, but one did not understand.

Of course being lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender is now legal over here because of the rulings in Westminster Parliament. The thing that led to this could most probably be rebellion against what Hitler did in World War II.

The pink triangle of shame as it was in World War II.

He not only was determined to exterminate Jews and cripples, but also those who were gay. Have we not given our rebellion much thought? Are we rebelling the wrong way? Hitler was right in believing that straight is the way to go, but calling them the scum of society and exterminating them is WRONG. That, however, is beside the point. The point, no matter how ironical and how painfully true it is, is that he at least had some horse sense.

The arguments often put forward by these people is

  • that it’s “in our genes”,
  • that they were “born this way”,
  • that they couldn’t direct their attention towards the opposite sex.

To this I and several thousand people who hold the truth close to our hearts respond:

  • if it were indeed in our genes, it would only take one generation before the population started getting wiped out. Yes, if it were indeed in our genes, would we see the population as it is today? We highly doubt it. The border line of fertility rates in every country in the world is 2.3%. The USA is at 2.1%. Europe is lagging far behind. And to those who think it’s a lie: it won’t be long before you start seeing an influx in the population of aging Britons.
  • No one is born in any which way — homosexuality, like anything else, is indoctrinated into the child, or if not, the child would have discovered it through whatever external means. No one is born a thief and a liar. No one is born an upright person. It’s what we become.
  • We are made male and female to complete and complement each other. Our biological make is such.
  • The mass media don’t know how to advocate platonic love anymore. When two boys hold hands or hug each other tightly, it’s nearly automatically considered that they are gay. And yet, oftentimes, this is not the case. Friends throughout the ages knew how to treat each other with love. They hugged each other in parting embraces, they held each others’ hands in solidarity, and yet, they had strong feelings for their friends (even of the same sex) simply because they were very strong friends. One only needs to look around him to see how people treat each other today. It’s no wonder the mass media and so many people are struggling with platonic love.
  • And if they have the nerve to call us homophobes, we are thinking behind the scenes that these people might more than likely be heterophobic — yet it’s from heterosexuality that they ever came to being in the first place! And yet, there are many people who don’t  condone what they do, for their own good, but love them just because they are persons! Don’t they ever realise that? No, I’m afraid.
  • They say we are discriminating against them because of their sexual orientation. To them we say: they are discrminating us because people who don’t condone their acts are not given the same freedoms that they have. We are being treated as sub-persons. I’m afraid this is true, even in present-day Britain. Recently hotel businesses were closed, and (infertile) couples denied the chance to adopt children — all because of what they believed in: homosexuality is not the way to go; straight is the way to go. Whatever happened to the freedom of conscience under the European Convention of Human Rights? The freedom of conscience also entails the right to do whatever one wants in accordance with his conscience. But no, the freedom of conscience is not at all being respected because of what these people are advocating.

I am here not to condone the acts of a person who says he is gay, nor to condone the thoughts of someone who supports LGBT matters. In fact, I will not have any of it. I am only here to love each person, irrespective of who or what he is, and this also means attempting to gently prod the person over issues that concern life, death and love.

The act of faith and love on the part of Ss Charles Lwanga and companions has opened many an eye to the reality of love, as well as what it entails. I am only here to put it forward with my writing ability, humble though it may be, simply because I have been inspired. It is out of love and out of the thirst for truth being shouted out from every rooftop that I write this. A friend of mine mentioned that indoctrination and not looking at others’ points of view was what disgusted him the most. I must tell you in all earnesty: nothing has been more indoctrinated in modern society than the lies people spread over matters of life, death and love. And this, I daresay, includes LGBT matters. Naysayers, be warned: one needs only to wait for a matter of time before the after effects of today’s laws start being felt.


Joshua at: June 6, 2011 at 2:34 AM said...

Your arguments are becoming much stronger, Annette. :)

troisnyx* at: June 6, 2011 at 2:40 AM said...

Praise the Lord. Thank you! ^_^ xx

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